Craps Methods of Rolling

Since craps is very dependent on dice results for winning, the most effective winning tactics has to do with dice maneuvers or throwing techniques. We have to focus a bit on craps methods of rolling the dice.

Any kind of shooting style may result to a very prolonged roll round in craps. However, dice throw control will add to our winning edge during the long roll more frequently than usual. Long rolls are very conducive for wins if we know how to take advantage of them. If we are excellently trained in dice throw control we can exploit these long rolls more. Though long rolls are good opportunities, but more so are average rolls.

Sevens to Rolls Ratio or SRR is the way we measure the number of our average rolls against the number of our sevens. Casinos are fully aware of the SRR of shooters in an average play, or what is called random roller. A common shooter usually has a 1:6 shooting ratio; shooters are apt to roll a seven when they do 6 rolls. Remember that the total number of dice results is 36 using two dice.

And then, to roll a seven we can have 6 different ways; we divide 36 by 6 and we get a 6. Hence, any number of times we do dice rolls we are certain to have a 1:6 SRR reading. This means we are apt to get one 7 dice sum result in each 6 rolls we do. But if we employ a dice throw control on this play we can somehow improve the SRR and get something higher than the usual 1:6 reading. Craps expert SharpShooter maintains that eventually it would be a losing proposal to try to beat the house odds with a mere 1:6 ratio reading. It's got to be done with dice control, in other words.

Hence, we have to consider the following factors seriously: seriously sharpen our dice control skill to up our SRR higher than an average 1:6 sevens to rolls ratio; and have an effective and disciplined bankroll management that will supplement our SRR capability and regulate a well planned betting strategy. This is because the effectiveness of our betting strategy is directly proportional to our average SRR. If we have an excellent SRR then we can manage to bet aggressively and effectively.

Craps methods of rolling, if taken seriously, can improve our batting average from 1:6 to 1:7. This is made more effective when combined with good money management.

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