The Count Craps Method

Craps is another game of chance where the house ends up winner in the long run. It all is in the dice result probability. However, we can lessen our losing odds in the game through a craps method called the count method.

The method is a betting tactic that adds to our comp time. The method formulator, Frank Scoblete, says in his book that the count method lessens the shooter betting options we have to choose from. Thus, if we have this method as part of our betting strategy, we have lesser dice shooters to bet on. About 50 percent or more random rollers would be rid with this method.

The odds of being on the winning shooters will be increased considerably as the game session progresses, when a winning shooter emerges. The comp value will also be affected positively because of our prolonged play session at the table without too much risk on our bankroll. Thus, with this method comes sound money management, and we thus better our edge against the casino.

This craps method all starts with point numbers or counts. This helps in seeking winning shooters and at the same time lessens our risks in the game. Example of point numbers are the following: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or even 10). As the game progresses and ends, a point number is again needed. Supposing that we're the next shooter and on getting the dice we are on our roll. Say, we roll on a point number indicated on our result roll, that's considered point one. If, say, we roll 2, 3, 7, 11, or even 12 on the result roll, no count is yet registered.

On the next roll is point two (2) when the point one (1) has been set. This is not considering the number result rolled. The next counts also work like this. The next roll becomes point 5 only when the number rolled is a number in the above. This is of course after the point 4. If the number is not among the above listed point 4 remains until point 5 is established. Then, after this, we may decide to make a come or a place bet.

After doing point three we may make 3 come bets if we're used to this kind of bet. The next come bet is made when point 4 is done. The count craps method lessens dice shooters on which we decide to make bets on.


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