Craps Method for a Dice-Throwing Posture

Often, we find ourselves in a certain standing posture prior a shoot. Then we shift body position as we grip the dice, and another body position as we throw the dice. We often lean on the table and aid our throw with tipped toes.

To be sure, height and build considerations are crucial in correct dice control throws. Some take halfway a crap table to be able to deliver the right dice control throw, some need to launch a foot on something before the final motion of throwing. As long as we're comfortable and deliver accurately, the posture we assume at the time is the right posture for us—though not necessarily for others.

Sometimes we may take advantage of positioning as near to the other end of the table as possible before we finally take on a posture as we release the dice. Some watchers would be rigid about what space we take up for a launch, but it's up for us to talk them into allowing us space for motion leverage. Most female dealers or watchers are noted to be more tolerant on this. Launching space for a controlled dice throw is as important as planes need to taxi on the runway before lifting off the ground properly.

Often, releasing a throw near the area of the stickman is one of the most convenient launching areas for a dice throw. We need less effort, less leaning, less distance, and attain more accuracy, and softer landing for the dice, reducing the bouncing motion that often mess up dice throw accuracy. Bounce over-reaction does a lot to spoil the right spin of a dice on the table. The thing is to have the right bounce effect, like the cushion effect of cat's paws—thus, a "dead-cat-bounce" effect.

But we should take care not to do too much table positioning to the point that we abuse the tolerance of the table dealers. It's always good to win fairly and within house rules. Remember, dice throwing control and positioning are powerful tools for winning at craps. And all these have a lot to do with the correct throwing posture. But we need not bring these too far that we earn the ire of the dealers and supervisors.

The right motion and grip are important for a controlled dice throw. But releasing the dice needs the final right posture for a well coordinated bounce and table position. We get all these right and we're off with a craps method that wins.


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