Craps Method of Tipping Dealers

Piggy backing. This is what tipping dealers is called in craps. This craps method is important in combination with dice throwing control.

dice control works in conjunction with table positioning—the dice is better released or thrown from a position of advantage at the table. To be able to secure a winning and convenient position, we must establish rapport with the dealers or watchers at the table. It's like treating the dealers to a free wager. Hence, along with Pass Line come-out wager we put a one unit wager.

We place this left or right of our bet. Then on top of the Pass Line bet we put the same unit and denomination to cap our wager with. Dealers can easily identify this extra unit wager along side the Pass Line wager as our wager treat for them. Often, the dealers will immediately respond to this tip. At times they will even formally express their gratitude when the Pass Line hits or not.

When the Pass Line wager is won, the dealer, out of formality, will make a payout on the tip wager separate from our Pass Line bet. The one unit that capped our wager will also be given a payout. If there are any more odds winnings, these too would be given. When everything is settled on the table the dealer would gather the 2-unit treat or tip and express gratitude. When we do the next roll, we place the capped win as our bet tip for the dealer and the capped wager as our wager. The capped wins are what we use for our wager tips for the dealers.

So what we really invest for this craps method is a mere unit for the dealer's wager sponsored by us in the beginning. The rest of the tip is derived from the winnings and in principle this means the casino is paying for them. When this tip wager is combined with the dice control the winnings are somewhat influenced and we can depend on the capped winnings for the tips.

This tip for dealers is an effective though indirect way of enlisting the dealers' sympathy on our side. This makes them more tolerant especially when we bargain for positioning and distance when we throw the dice. When the dealers are more tolerant we can better execute dice control techniques from a manageable distance.

Craps method of tipping or treating dealers to a free wager is a way of getting their sympathy behind our cause.


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