Craps Method of Winning with a Partner

In real life play, controlling the dice and managing the bets well is almost a death-defying act at craps. A good craps method here is to treat the two separately. It is impossible to be good at doing both at the same time.

So what do we do? Get a craps partner. Either we do the dice control and the partner manage the bets, or vice versa. This craps method of winning the game is a good strategy to consider. It's important that both we and the partner should be good dice controllers. Both we and the partner should have the dexterity to use the motion principles of dice throwing to effect a desired number result. Then, both we and the partner should also have the expertise to manage betting well.

The trick is that while one concentrates on the skill to control dice throws, the other focuses on placing bets well. This combination is a sure winning craps method. Then both players may change roles to take breaks from dice controlling and bet management respectively.

A Pass Line bet is likely the only bet we will be making once we get too absorbed with dice control. We may even establish, say, a point 6 with our skillful throw and even be the shooter for a succession of plays. It is possible to make 25 to 30 throws without passing on the turn to the next player when we have the skill. It could even be possible to hit 8 in 9 dice throws. But another player may be benefitted by our play if the player opts on betting on the 8 and raising one unit as we make the hit—while we profit from none—except an applause for the skill, perhaps.

A bet on the Pass Line while focusing on dice control may be fun but not profitable. Why not have the fun as well as the profits? Pool resources with a partner, play craps as a team, and split roles—one dice controlling the other managing bets. The thrower makes a Pass Line bet—that's all our partner does as far as bets are concerned. This keeps the partner safe from suspicion by the suits. While we make the real bets and profit well from them. The bets of our partner are sort of mere decoys to keep watchers from suspecting a partnership.

With this craps method of winning, we can split profits later after the game.


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