Craps Method on Optimal Betting

Since the game of craps is mostly luck with dice results, and when a game is heavily luck-oriented we have lesser chances on winning, what would it be like playing as the casino?

We know how the house benefits in some ways from all bets, and they call this the casino edge. And we know how our bets always have a possibility of a negative turn out. Then probably we can do better if we try a reversed craps method of turning things around and trying to play as the house does. As an added safety precaution, we limit bets by allowing only the least possible casino edge.

So we think like a casino owner. If we're playing in a casino that charges commission only on wins, then we face a situation where the Pass and Don't Pass, or Come and Don't Come Line, or place 6 and place 8, or buy 4 and buy 10 are wagers that will incur the lowest casino advantage. The rest of the wagers would likely lose from 3 to 12 times quicker due to the house edge differences. We should also consider another tool for gauging house odds is weighing them per roll instead of per wager. This is shown as bet loss per hour of play.

The average speed of shooting rolls differs, and this depends on how many players are involved. But ordinarily, a craps table with full capacity would have something like 102 dice rolls each hour. With this reference average roll figure we are able to estimate the frequency of losses each hour of play. So, let's say we have a 4-day vacation in a casino and we plan to play 5 hours of craps each day, the optimum craps method of betting would be something like:

A total of $-10 Pass the Line bets, making .42 percent each roll. This amounts to $4.28 each hour and $86 each trip. Now, $-10 bets with place 6 and 8 at 1.46 percent each dice roll. This amounts to $14.89 each hour, and $298 each trip. Consider $-10 bets on place 5 and 9 with 1.32 percent each roll, amounting to $13.46 each hour and $269 each trip. Bets of $-10 on place 4 and 10 with 1.19 percent each roll. This amounts to $12.14 each hour and $243 each trip.

If we play as the house would, we would come out with more or less the plays above, and this would be an optimal craps method of wining.

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