Craps Method of PARR Dice Control

Since there cannot be any other winning strategy in craps except through a dice strategy, a lot of dice control techniques have been put forward as keys to winning at craps. But 1996 ushered in a new era in craps method of dice control—the PARR dice control strategy.

The Patterson Rhythm Roll or PARR was developed by Chris Pawlicki and Ferry Patterson. It's been one of the most effective dice control every devised for craps. The motions principle of Physics was somehow applied to dice throwing so that it would yield more predictable outcomes. The thing here is that over a period of throwing the dice repetitiously in a certain way or motion technique, there would be a certain constancy in the dice result eventually.

The PARR dice control has a ratio of 1:6 dice result; the losing result will appear only once in six tries. Thus, the losing sevens has a slimmer chance of appearing with this throw technique than if we just throw the dice randomly without any throwing motion tactic. The PARR technique claims, with sufficient time of practice, we can greatly influence the dice result through the manner in which we throw them. The frequency of the dice winning result is called Sevens to Rolls Ratio or SRR.

The dice faces are arranged in such a way that a sum 7 can be possible in more ways than one. The bad news is that 7 is frequently a losing number. The trick then is to lessen the occurrence of a 7; if possible, make the chance of a 7 merely once within 7 throws, or an SRR of 1:7. When this becomes possible, then we plan bets accordingly. In this way, the casino odds are said to be rendered ineffective.

With an SRR of 1:7 made possible by a physics principle of arm and body motion and the exact estimated force to propel the dice and considering the bouncing factor, the next thing to have is the right grip with the hand. All this should have a consistency each time a throw is made. Along with this came special dice sets that are designed to yield certain dice results.

Accordingly, PARR technique combinations of the right throw motion, grip, and set of dice really result to an almost perfect dice result accuracy, even done several times, as was witnessed in an actual demo by the SharpShooter.

Craps method of PARR dice control is good to practice for a game said to be won purely by luck.


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