Different Craps Methods of Winning

Although craps is a game of luck dependent on how the dice outcome would turn out, there are craps methods of winning calculated to beat dice patterns.

The Martingale method hopes to establish the patterns of dice results—if there is one—and base betting patterns on them. The method places a $1 bet initially and during a loss the bet is doubled until a win happens. After a win, the bet amount returns to original bet of $1. This method secures a dollar profit in each win if the method is continued to the end of the game.

However, when the method is discontinued for some reason, especially at mid-play, the win proposal will not happen and the loss can be disastrous. For instance, if at mid-play the bettor runs out of money or the player is intimidated by the large losses already incurred and decides to quit. When the casino has certain table or bet limits, craps methods in betting like the Martingale will not work in craps.

Another is the Parity Hedge method. Although many have insisted that the method is a fake, it is still promoted and glamorized in some sites as mathematically probable. The logic here is that any system is better than no system at all. Hence, the Parity method is still alive and even being sold as an effective winning tool in craps.

One of the popular craps methods of winning is the dice control. Well known craps authors and experts maintain that dice control through skills in dice throwing can greatly influence dice results and maneuver craps winnings. The employment of 4 watchful craps dealers at the table, the requirements in the bounces of the dice in throwing, plus the single-hand rule in throwing make dice control an impossible feat to perform in a casino.

But the fact is, there are even "experts" who promise hand skills in throwing the dice. The promise is that with training and secret skills we can put accuracy in the way we release the dice from our hand and make them spin and bounce on the table walls in such a way as to effect a specific roll result for a craps winning.

Finally, there is also the method of trying to convince everybody that dice have minds and they actually follow result patterns. This belief in intellectual dice is a craps method believed in by many.

Different craps methods of winning are available around, but we must remember that dice are unpredictable.


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