The Easy Craps Method for a Casino Play

This is craps made easy for beginners. This easy craps method will help us enjoy the game while being a mere first-timer.

Make sure to politely look for an available space at the craps table. We may ask the assistance of any one of the 4 dealers at the table. We don't just enter in and take a seat. Then we exchange money for chips by asking the dealers. We should be careful not to put money being exchanged for chips on the bet money because this will automatically be part of the bet, and there's no way to take it back. We may also have our money changed into chips at the counter if the casino has this ruling.

Better still, when the dice are still being prepared or gathered in the middle, we may have our money changed by announcing "change" so that the dealers would be alerted of our intention with the money. We must make sure that our hands are safely out of the play area on the table. There are dealers to manage bets and chip change. Hands are not permitted to go beyond the boundary railing.

When the dealer discards our exchanged chips from the play area we take them immediately while the dice are kept in the middle of the table. When a shooter is preparing to shoot the dice, we keep out and wait for the shooter to finish before we take our chips. Then we place a wager on the slot for Pass Line. This is the line on the table that is labeled "Pass Line." Most probably, other players are also placing wagers on it.

The basic play ends here. We wait for dealers to announce the developments. If we win, dealers will hand out our winnings. We leave the original wager on the table. If we lose we simply put a new wager on the table. The dealers will arrange this for us. We don't have to lean on the table and do things for ourselves. It would help us a lot to know advance plays if we take note of how other players wager at craps. There are a lot of ways to wager in craps and we will learn these other betting options in time.

A good way of practicing craps play is playing online craps. It would be simple matter of betting on the Pass Line after loading up the table. This easy craps method, starting with a Pass Line bet, will launch us safely in the craps game.

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